Monday, November 13, 2006

Hugging Hoodies! Part III, Tough love and the Mendacity of John Reid

On November the 2nd, David Cameron gave a speech to the Annual Convention of the Youth Justice Board in Cardiff. His speech is here.

John Reid wrote a comment piece in yesterdays Sunday Telegraph. It reminded me of why I wanted to throw metaphorical bricks at the TV during the 2005 general election. He just misrepresents everyone elses policies and statements. That garbage article is here.

In David Cameron's speech he talked of tough love rather than sentimental love and laid out some very startling facts. On the other hand Comrade Reid said things like:

"Tackling crime is a priority for any government. Of course we need to understand why crime occurs, and tackle the causes. But anyone who thinks that tackling crime, including youth crime, can be delivered by more love and hugs alone is wide of the mark."

Who was supposed to have said anything of the sort? has this man read any of Cameron's speeches on the subject? He is all in favour of banging people up when they have committed a crime. He has said so many times, including in the above speech.

Reid then concludes:

"The dividing line between David Cameron and me now seems clear. Tough love with Labour or "just love" with the Tories: an important dividing line for the coming year in parliament. With respect to David's Notting Hill Set, I think I know who is more in tune with the vast majority of the British people."


What did Cameron say about love?

"But I also said that to build a safe and civilised society for the long-term, we have to look at what goes on inside the boundaries, within the pale.

We have to show a lot more love.

By that I don't mean sentimental, childish love which sees no wrong in anyone.

I mean tough love - love that values people, and therefore demands high standards from them.

Love that respects people - and so expects a lot from them.

And that's the job of society."

So there is Reid again mendaciously misrepresenting David Cameron's position.

However, here are some stats lifted from David Cameron's speech which ought to make you think and indeed concern you.

Of the criminals in young offender institutions:

  • 85 per cent of them have mental health issues.
  • Half of them spent time in care or under social service supervision as a child.
  • Over half of them are addicted to drugs or alcohol.
  • 40 per cent of boys suffered violence at home.
  • A third of girls suffered sexual abuse.
Well, if that is not shocking enough to make you think we need a multi pronged approach, there is this series of statistics on the implementation of the The Criminal Justice Act of 2000, after six years.

  • 110 of its provisions are not in force.
  • 39 have been, or are being, repealed altogether.
  • 17 were repealed before they ever came into force.
laughable isn't it. So when Dr John "Comrade" Reid says he will be tough on crime, what he actually means is that Labour will pass more laws they will probably fail to enforce.

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