Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Heathrow third runway to go ahead!

Apparently the Government is going to announce tomorrow that the third runway at Heathrow is to go ahead.

Bonkers. The road traffic around Heathrow already and the train links are very very bad indeed. Not only that but the quality of life for any one living in the area will go down the pan.

The BBC has this.


John Evans said...

The 'As the crow flies' distance between Heathrow to Gatwick is 22.4miles

Shanghai airport is connected to its city centre by a 20 mile long, 250 mph Maglev train, which cost the Chinese US $1.2 billion dollars to build, including the rolling stock (if Maglev's roll?)

If a similar Maglev link between Heathrow and Gatwick were built (possibly tunneled) the connection time would be under 6 minutes, yes 6 minutes!

The train having picked up passengers at Gatwick would carry on, south of London, to connect through the channel tunnel. The service would be bi-directional.

All Heathrow's short haul flights could be transferred to Gatwick and all Gatwick's long haul flights to Heathrow.

There would be no need for a third runway at Heathrow. Saving the estimated cost of between £9 and £13 Billion.

It's a 'No Brainer'.

Anonymous said...

The airport is absolutely necessary for the UK economy. We must compete with European hubs. Travel and aviation have been the whipping boys for too long. It's time the criticism was dished elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Will the third runway compensate for problems with snow?