Monday, January 19, 2009

Ken Clarke back!

I have to say I am a bit gob smacked.

There has been much rumour about, and to be fair it had reached a point where it was inevitable, but I am still surprised.

On the down side I am not happy about his approval of the VAT cut which was pointless, and I do not agree with the level of his support for Europe.

On the upside, he is a good man, a good politician and a big hitter.

The BBC has this.


Craig Dylan - The Abstract Gaucho said...

This move had become inevitable, but I am still little surprised.

I am pleased by the move overall. Ken is a fine politician, orator and he is a big hitter, but like you, Benedict, I am (and always been) put off Ken by his pro-Euro position.

What's next? Heseltine returning to active politics?!


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manwiddicombe said...

I have to say I am a bit gob smacked

We have to be grateful for small mercies ;)

I'm always amused when politicians return to the front benches after resigning (or being forced to resign) their position which is why the current Labour party provides me with so entertainment.