Thursday, March 19, 2009

£60,000 for terror suspect arrest makes me very angry

Babar Ahmad has been awarded £60,000 in damages after his arrest on suspicion of terrorist offences in 2003. This makes me really angry. Not so much that he has been given the compensation but more so that I as a taxpayer have to pay it.

The police seemed to have reason to believe that he was involved in terrorism so they arrested him. That is fair enough. If the police have a reasonable suspicion it needs to be investigated and quite possibly arrests need to be made. He was released after 6 days. Had that been the extent of it that would have been fine, and that would have been the end of it. It appears however that he was treated in a very heavy handed manner, and assaulted whilst under arrest.

That has cost me £60,000!* What do these idiots think I am? Am I made of money? No! What I want to see now is some serious investigation and arse kicking. We can´t have the police beating up suspects, and I can´t afford the compensation.

Apparently one of the officers involved may be prosecuted. Really? IF one is successfully prosecuted that implies all the others have given false statements perverting the course of justice, so all should be prosecuted.

The BBC has this.

*£60,000 is what he gets in compensation, there will of course be legal fees to add to that, so add between £100,000 and £200,000 of our hard earned because some in the police would like a return to the 1970´s.

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