Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cameron takes decisive action on expenses

It has to be said that I have had my head buried in my hands over expenses. At least David Cameron has decisive action on the expenses issue by demanding that several shadow cabinet members pay money back whilst instituting a review of Conservative MP's expenses with the promise that those who have claimed excessively will have to pay it back or have the whip withdrawn. This will mean that they can't stand as Conservative MP's at the next election.

Contrast that With Gordon Brown, who promises to have a review of all MP's expenses and possible claw backs which is not his to promise as that is a matter for the commons! David Cameron can do what he has promised because his party rules allow him to discipline his MP's.

Any way, more on expenses later. The BBC has this.

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Anonymous said...

David Cameron has acted both properly and decisively to end corruption in his party and to get offenders to repay the public purse. He is head and shoulders above the Prime Minister who would prefer delay and obfuscation via obscure committees.

Mr Cameron may be young and comparitively untried in goverment, however, he is proving to be a good leader and we must not allow the current problems to overshadow the main task, i.e., removing this tired and stale Labour government who have never had anything to offer other that socialist dogma.