Thursday, May 14, 2009

Elliot Morley claimed £16,000 for mortgage that did not exist

That is the headline story in the Daily Telegraph today.

It is a staggering story.

Labour MP and former minister Elliot Morley claimed for a mortgage he (and us) had paid off!

I mean, you get a letter from your lender saying the mortgage is done and dusted. They ask you what you want to do with the deeds. How did he miss that?

He discovered his apparently last week going through his receipts..

From the story it appears he stopped claiming it after the fees office insisted on seeing the mortgage paperwork. On top of that he claimed his main home was a house in London on which he charged another MP rent.

This looks like a prima facie case of obtaining pecuniary advantage by deceit which is an offence under the 1968 theft act.

The BBC also has this, though initially forgot to mention he is a Labour MP, and claims he is paying his mortgage expense error. Just how biased can the BBC get?

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