Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gordon Brown calls Labour voter a bigot!

Gordon Brown called Labour voter Gillian Duffy a bigot after a very smiley type of conversation, because one of the subjects she raised was immigration.

What gets me about this is that he did not disagree with her on camera but insulted her behind her back.

You can see the original video here, her response here, and Gordon's apology here, though what I suspect he is apologising for is not calling her a bigot but being caught.

A lot of people are worried about immigration, and whilst Labour talk tough on immigration they clearly think people who are concerned about it are bigots. It is not bigoted to be concerned about immigration.


Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown has his Gerald Ratner moment.
Could a few words change the political landscape in the UK for ever.

Joe Dyer Dog Walker

manwiddicombe said...

I'm still laughing now. YaaaY for radio mikes .....