Monday, April 05, 2010

Is Brown going to call an election tomorrow?

There is so much in the press and indeed on the airwaves about Gordon Brown calling an election for May the 6th, which means going to the Palace to see the Queen.

The thinking is as there are elections on May the 6th, Gordon must go then as to have two elections in consecutive months would be expensive and would annoy the electorate.

Whilst all that is true, and there is an encouraging poll from ICM*, Gordon still will not do it, as he does not possess the required courage. There will be a reason to dither, and he will take it.

The actual election is in June**, the last possible date being the 3rd apparently though I always thought it would be the 10th.

*According to there is an ICM poll in tomorrows Guardian putting the Conservatives on 37% and Labour on 33%. This could even give Labour more seats. The only down side to this poll from Labour's point of view is that it was conducted over a Bank holiday weekend, (worse still a double!) so you may as well ignore it. There is another poll with the Conservatives 10% ahead, though for the same reasons that is dubious.

**I am preparing to eat my hat in the morning. If you disagree, prepare to eat yours :)

Update 23:00 BST.

Well it has been announced that Gordon will go to the Palace in the morning and the election will be on May the 6th.

I don't actually own a hat.. so I will make one out of rice paper :)

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