Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cash for Peerages, Gordon Brown in the frame!

I just heard a story on Channel 4 news about a certain Ronnie Cohen being given an honour forced through by the Treasury against the advice of officials!

Strangely Guido covered Ronnie Cohen's links to Gordon Brown here in October, though his information did not seem quite so specific as Channel 4's.

Ronnie Cohen has provided Labour with quite a lot of funds as well as funding some of Gordon's pet projects. You would have to wonder if he contributed to Gordon Brown's blind trust now wouldn't you.

Alex Salmond was getting on his high horse about it as well. Well Alex, don't do that, just put in a complaint to Yates of the Yard!

I will update with more links to more news stories as they become available.


Anonymous said...

At least Alex Salmond and his party have exposed what corruption there is as at the heart of Westminster. No doubt just scatching the surface.

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, Well we will have to see. To be fair though lots of people are on the scent though.

This latest news does need a complaint to the police though so we can see if it is dirty.