Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hazel Blears opposes and supports government policy at the same time!

You could not make this up. Hazel "Chipmunk" Blears supports the reorganisation of the NHS which will result in the closure of hospital units, but not in her own constituency of Salford where she opposes it.

Well if she opposes government policy she should not be in government and certainly not the Party chairman responsible for discipline.

She says she has every right to fight for her constituency. Well fair enough behind the scenes in cabinet, but to take to the streets is bizarre. That said Dr John "Comrade" Reid has done the same.

Is Labours party discipline so shot to bits that cabinet ministers can protest against their own governments policies? (To be fair to Comrade Reid, he is not part of the Scottish executive that makes those decisions)

See this in the Guardian or this on the BBC.

Hat tip to Andrea on political betting for the links to the story.

Update: 11:50

Apparently Jacqui Smith has been at it too. See here. So what of cabinet government?


Anonymous said...

"Apparently Jacqui Smith has been at it too"

maybe she'll discipline herself! :-)

Benedict White said...

Andrea, Now there is a thought!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem as if Tony Blair will have a government left when he returnes from freebie Florida.

Benedict White said...

Ellee, To be honest I don't think he had much of a government when he left ;)