Thursday, August 09, 2007

Labour in racist smear shocker!

Apparently there is a by election in Tower Hamlets, and as it happens the former leader of the council one Professor Michael Keith (Labour smear mongers party) is trying to gain a seat on the council. He is a friend of Ruth Kelly.

He has said that David Davis, Shadow Home Secretary, called for a block of sheltered housing , allocated as Muslim only, should be burnt down.

David Davis said nothing of the kind, what he said was that an allocation policy of that sort entrenches segregation and was wrong.

Professor Michael Keith stands by his comments, though apparently he alleges he meant them "metaphorically", however Said Awarsi, shadow community cohesion minister has written to her counterpart, Hazel Blairs asking for an apology.

Frankly this is the lowest dirtiest kind of politics, Labour either needs to deal with it, or accept the consequences.

Iain Dale has this, whilst the Daily Mail has this.

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