Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bank Chiefs deny delaying blunder announcement

One of the reasons why the government alleges it delayed the announcement of the child benefit data going missing is that "the banks had to get ready".

The Times reports on page three of this article as follows:

Last night bankers reacted angrily to a suggestion by Mr Darling that he had delayed his announcement because the financial sector was “adamant” it needed time to prepare. A senior City source said: “By 9.30 on Monday we were ready to run. It is hard to fathom why any suggestion was made that any delay was down to us.”

So someone somewhere is telling porkies, and it is not the bankers. They need to resign.

It does get worse though. According to this report they helpfully put the password on a compliment slip in the same envelope in some cases, removing the need for either a brute force attack or any other hacking method. Nice. The police are also looking at several other offences that staff wish to be taken into account.

It is clear this is not the fault of one junior official but a systematic practice which started when Brown was chancellor.

What a plonker!

The Telegraph has this over how the government was warned this would happen, whilst the Guardian has this on how this affects ID cards.

As a point of note ministers pop up with the untruth (for it to be a lie, they would have to have a clue what the truth is, and they don't) that our ID card data will be protected by bio metrics. Laughable. The fact is that government staff will be able to access your data without you having to unlock it, and on this lots form will be able to download the lot of it to disc and walk out with it.

Useless bunch.


Louise said...

What is laughable is your lack of commentary on any serious and heavyweight opposition to this load of plonkers. I am a Tory activist but I am not going to vote for any government platform that David Cameron is putting out - if Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling have had ten years to learn how to do it and haven't mastered it yet, God help us if Cameron ever gets to the top - this country will become a wasteland run from Whitehall on PR, spin and a lack of connection with ordinary voters.

I don't understand why Brown and Darling are making such a mess - no doubt if they were riding high and being very keen and clever and in control you'd still find something to be nasty to them about - but they are a disappointment to me. Nevertheless they still have more power where it hurts - public policy - than Cameron will ever have and I for one think two years is too long to leave policymaking for. We were promised some real grit this year, which hasn't materialised. When will it? More importantly, how would the Tories cope with this if it happened to them? None of them look like they would do any better.

flashgordonnz said...

louise, maybe they'd heed the warnings, and thus it wouldn't be the latest in a long line of similar disasters?
Maybe they would rely on the exprtise and advice of civil servants, rather than their own political appointees?
Just a thought.

Louise said...
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Louise said...

Cameron would try and spin his way out of trouble and then fail to convince anyone that he knew what he was doing. He has had so many changes of idea and tack in the last two years that I don't know what the party stands for; that's not how you run a country convincingly. Come on, do you really think he knows how to govern his own party, let alone the country? He hasn't even got a credible education policy that isn't founded on petty details like uniform and standing up when you enter class, let alone able to cope with the nightmare which is the civil service. Hug a Bureaucrat day? Let sunshine reign (even in Tyneside)? He has no experience of government apart from as the spin doctor who got sacked from the Home Office for briefing against his boss and from the Treasury for helping Norman Lamont into Black you honestly think he is any more competent than Labour are after 10 years and then some in office?

Pull the other one. I know a lot of inside information on Cameron, and he would be the first person to go down if something like this happened on his watch.