Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pakistan the Dilemma!

General Musharraf has quite outrageously suspended the constitution of Pakistan, and is clearly acting against civil society. That is clearly very bad. However he is also locking up lawyers left right and center.

Such a dilemma! Do I condemn him for the bad things he is doing and ignore the good or vice versa?

Now that is a toughy :)

The BBC has this.

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CFD Ed said...

Re the lawyers – you echo my thoughts.

More seriously - Re Pakistan. This is a country with the atomic bomb, a serious problem with Islamists and a terrorist permeable border.

Democracy is a nice to have, but in terms of real politic immature democracy, as we have seen Iran and Afghanistan can be easily destabilised by the malign mischief of those intent on doing so.

Hence I am conflicted over the situation. Much as I would like to condemn I find I can't quite do so.