Thursday, November 08, 2007

Be Thin, Be Fat, Die anyway!

News reached us a few days ago that being a bit underweight lessened your risk of cancer, now we have a study that says being a bit overweight makes you live longer.


You will be after the next episode of Soap! (Or after reading any medical advice in the mass media).

The Independent has this.

Editors note:

Studies note that it is easier to enjoy life whilst alive, as there are few studies indicating how the afterlife is to be enjoyed and the effects of enjoying life on enjoyment of the afterlife.


flashgordonnz said...

You do have to wonder: "slightly overwieght" might result from comfortable or above average income, which would result in one eating well ("well" in terms of quality, not just quantity). Good income also results in one being able to afford good medical cover, or one is working in a profession with good medical benefits.

I'm pretty sure a study or 3 has indicated that the "rich" usually live longer than the financial disadvantaged?

CFD Ed said...

Shocking News! Despite an apparent conspiracy to keep it quiet. Every single person in the country is going to die!


Benedict White said...

Flash, you could well be right but someone would need to do a follow up study.

Phil A, shocking news isn't it? :)

flashgordonnz said...

"someone would need to do a follow up study."

Bingo: That "someone" is after funding.
The latest scare in NZ is brain damage from binge drinking. TV news report shows empty hospital beds with a "news" person reading from grant application "by 2020, these beds could be filled with our young people. 'Course they won't be: the global warming, killer bees, bird flu or general lardiness will have got them first.

Benedict White said...

Flash, LOL! Really?

The problem with research funding is that it tends to find that which is sought.

flashgordonnz said...

Yes, we kiwis lap up every thing this "international experts" dump on us:

Whilst searching for that, I came across this:
"Risk of binge surveys revealed"
Joe Bennett is an ex-pat with a cynical disposition.

(sorry i can't "do" html, so its a cut and paste jobbie!)