Thursday, November 20, 2008

The BNP members list leak

This has been making big news. The BNP have expressed concern whilst Labour are expressing some delight as BNP activists get witch hunted out of jobs.

I do not approve of the BNP, but this is wrong and smacks of McCarthyism.

What is worse though is that Labour are very wrong if they think it is good for them. It will in fact grow support for the BNP which, as the BNP is a left wing party, is strongest in Labour areas.

The BBC has this.


Anonymous said...

left wing economically if you define statism as 'left' (there are many differing economic theories on the left, from anarcho-sydicalism through to 'big state' ideologies) though Extreme right culturally and socially - more akin to the 'national socialism' of the Nazi's than the left of Chavez's administration or scandinavian socialism...

Anonymous said...

It is the Conservatives who have most to fear - witness the Bentswood Haywards Heath by-election - a BNP paper candidate took virtually all his vote from the Conservatives.