Thursday, November 06, 2008

Congratulations to Senator Barack Obama, President elect

It would be churlish to start with anything else.

He has ran a very good campaign, and at least he is not Hilary Clinton.

That said I am still concerned that he may be an American Tony Blair, though a Liberal Democrat friend of mine has pointed out that he does not have Tony Blair's punch me in the face insincere smile that both he and I have seen since day one but few others noticed.

I am also concerned that Barack Obama may be a bit of a protectionist which would be a disaster if that really is the case especially in these economic times. Protectionism deepened and lenghthened the great depression and what we do not need is a great depression.

Many people think that all of a sudden American foreign policy will change.. it won't. What it will do is come from a more palatable tongue. That is a good thing. For too long American politicians have used a domestic megaphone in foreign policy which causes problems. As Theodore Roosevelt once said "Walk softly with a big stick" or to put it another way, have the means to do what you want, but talk nicely, it might work.


Zac said...

I want to say congratulations to Senator obama as well.
However, I think that many things will change. We now have a Liberal House, Senate, and President... and Obama is pretty far left to America's standards. I hope he does well, but i am very wary of his policies. And the war.

Unknown said...

Our nation has spoken very loudly. I wonder if they realize what they voted for exactly.
Obama does deserve a congratulations. It does prove that the race card is now moot. Let's see if they can truy put it to rest. I thought I would be happier with the first black president elect. Did it have to be a radical fanatic?
What scares me as a conservative American is will the government stay out of my personal life.

Anonymous said...

I too celebrate the history with an Obama win. It's an amazing accomplishment and it was an amazing and extremely organized campaign that he ran. I, however, like so many other Conservative Americans are bracing for his Socialist policies and the possible appointment of liberal Supreme Court judges if he's given the chance. Meanwhile, glad to know there are some Conservatives across the pond! My blog also leans to the right:

Benedict White said...

Anonymous "Meanwhile, glad to know there are some Conservatives across the pond!"

*cough* The Conservative party of Great Britain is the oldest political party of modern times, dating back to before the United States of America declared independence.

There are a great deal of us here!