Friday, November 28, 2008

Stasi arrest Damien Green over telling the truth!

After in sheer disbelief looking around for a bit and reading various reports it appears the East German Secret Police (Commissioner, New Labour Commissar Comrade Ian Blaire) have arrested Damien Green the Conservative Shadow immigration minister for the heinous crime of having proof the government are telling lie after lie after lie after lie shoved in his hand and quite possibly telling people about it in an attempt to hold the executive to account.

The speaker of the House of Commons, Michael Martin allowed the police to search his house of commons office.

This is all unheard of stuff in this country and is reminiscent of all sorts of totalitarian regimes, such as Hitler's, Stalin's or indeed East Germany's/ (Oh, and of course, the EU).

Be afraid, very afraid. Or just stand up and say NO!

The BBC has this, the Telegraph has this. Iain Dale has this and Guido has this.

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Anonymous said...

Thatcher introduced all of us to the "Police State" so I'm not sure what your point is here? The present Labour Party are simply being good Conservatives, there is no difference between your political position which is why the public need a new party. Most other European countries have at least a Left and a Right wing party, we no longer have this sign of civilisation, no, we get the choice of middle-right, middle-right or middle-right.