Saturday, April 24, 2010

Liberal Democrat councillor defects to Conservatives

Prominent Mid Sussex Liberal Democrat district, West Sussex County and East Grinstead town councillor. you can read the full details here.

In a statement she said:
I have become increasingly disillusioned with the Liberal Democrats who have little positive to offer people in East Grinstead and locally are running a campaign full of negativity and personal abuse.
Interestingly many Liberal Democrat activists get fed up with their relentlessly nasty campaigning and leave. You can read about another former Liberal Democrat here, who went left for the same reason and then got smeared when he stood as a Green candidate.

There have been many defections of activists from the Liberal Democrats to the Conservatives in Mid Sussex since Serena Tierney arrived a few months before the 2005 general election. I expect many more.

So the next time you hear Liberal Democrats claiming to be nice, you will know they are not. They are by far and away the worst of the 3 main parties.


Mark Senior said...

Hi Benedict ,

Hope you are well , how many of the 5 byelections in Mid Sussex being held on May 6th are the Conservatives going to lose to the LibDems . I reckon 2 but a chance of 3 .

Benedict White said...

Really? Which ones do you think we will lose?

Our support seems undented on the doorstep, even though there have been some desperate Lib Dem tactics.

Cantstandcant said...

Gosh. One (or even two) LD councillors defects. Big story. (Being sarcastic, sorry....)

Benedict White said...

Cantstandcant, actually, it is more the reason and timing of it which interests me. We have several former Liberal Democrats in our association.

Mark Senior said...

All parties have former members of the other political parties in their ranks .
You should hold the Cuckfield and High Weald seats ( I would have fancied the Greens there if it was not being held on GE day ) .

Benedict White said...

Mark, I know people change parties, but as I said, what gets people to leave the Liberal Democrats most frequently (certainly around here) is the nastiness of the Liberal Democrats. In that sense we are pleased to have Serena about as she keeps them coming.

So you think we will lose the others?

Most f the leaflets I have seen from the LD's is GE based not local, so we will see. Obviously all councils are having to make "tough" decisions at the moment, so they are perfect for stirrers. We will see.

Martin S said...

It's what the Lib Dems do, sadly.