Sunday, October 07, 2007

Brown Bottles it whilst making the crassest excuses!

I have to say I am amused by Gordon Brown bottling an election, and the guff which is coming out of his camp as a result.

Gordon is, according to his interview with Labour patsy Andrew Marr, (To be aired in full at 9.00 AM this morning on the BBC) not going to call an election now because:
I want to do is show people the vision that we have for the future of this country in housing and health and education and I want the chance, in the next phase of my premiership, to develop and show people the policies that are going to make a huge difference and show the change in the country itself.
It was nothing to do with the polls, because Labour would have won!

Ed Milliband was out spinning a similar line as well.

Are they serious? Do they expect us to believe this? If that was the reason for not going now then it was the reason for ending speculation last week, the week before, or more likely never letting it start at all.

No, this has been political gamesmanship by team Brown, and it has massively blown up in their faces. It has to be said though, it is going to get worse. By giving an exclusive interview they have managed to alienate everyone else in the media.

The press are not king to Brown today either.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Gorgon will talk about the rise in Council taxes, or the rise in Direct, and Indirect, taxes under his kleptocracy.

I wonder if he will confess to massive fraud and illegal use of the Official Secrets Act, since 2001.
I wonder if he will confess to GOVERNMENTAL RACISM on a massive scale AGAINST THE EXISTING BRITISH POPULATION, which his government acknowledges is a crime, given the use of the Official Secrets Act?

No, I guess he won't.
Did I have any thoughts that he would?
Would you take bets, Benedict?

Anonymous said...

That said, before anyone jumps in the air.
I am Apolitical.
Ask Benedict, I attack them all.
There is nothing to choose between them for scumbaggery!

Anonymous said...

I suppose you Tories will be hoping the parallel turns out to be with Napolean's disastrous retreat from Moscow...

Anonymous said...

even kind >>?
Happy days Benedict, Its the beginning of the end for New liebour. Its not going to go away either. Brown will be associated with spin and dithering. Politics is going to be very interesting.
How long before the whole facade caves in.!

Anonymous said...

The facade is the same for all parties.
If you can't see it, well....... I could draw a picture but Benny would delete it (smile)
When the EU comes, and we all become Eurinals, political parties in opposition to the EU will be banned.
Ergo BNP, gone. All others - pro EU.
Do you really think there's a referendum on the Constitution coming?
Who-ever raises that must be prepared to pull us out, and they just haven't got the balls. Too many already on the gravy train (Corrupt pieces of sh*t)
For those of us who know, well, - the authorities anticipate unrest, - the first, (but maybe not the first) internment camp is being constructed at RAF Coltishall, right now.

Anonymous said...

Gabriel, No vote on the EU constitution will do for Brown, The Britsh people will not stand for it.

Anonymous said...

That's why they prepare for civil war.
2000 troops shortly to return from NI, with "experience".
Napoleonic Law. No habeas corpus. Habeas juris instead.
Imprisonment without trial or redress.
Terrorism Act applies within radius of Westminster.
New "South East" area of UK,direct rule from Paris.
You're right they won't stand for it.
Jackboots on the road again.
Fabian Society, through Demos, via Common Purpose and their Graduates planning since Toynbees first speech in the early 1900s

Anonymous said...

The Knowing.

The knowing is not the thoughts.
The knowing is not the feelings.
The knowing is not the body.
The knowing is not the mind.

The knowing is found beyond the thoughts.
The knowing is found beyond the feelings.
The knowing continues when the body does not.
The knowing transcends the mind.

The knowing is found within.
The knowing is sometimes forgotten.
The knowing is never gone.
The knowing is for you to find.

The knowing is who you are.
The knowing is where you have been.
The knowing is where you are going.
The knowing is knowing you know.

May God Help Those Who Know

Anonymous said...

gabriel oak
Is this you?

Anonymous said...

He's still got PMQs to survive, which could get seriously messy if the Conservatives play it correctly.