Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Gordon Brown's cynical stunt backfires!

Gordon Brown's announcement of 1,000 troops home by Christmas was in fact in part a re announcement. 500 had been announced in July. Something like 250 are here already.

What is worse for him though is that the story is now one of cynical manipulation. That is what seems to be making the headlines, as is his lack of telling Parliament first as promised.

Good. It was a cynical stunt by a cynical #####

The BBC has this, Nick Robinson has this including a bit on the broken promise.


Anonymous said...

What a mistake. If only he had left it, and the headlines would have been "Tories promise crackdown on immigration" and they'd be down another 5 points in the polls. This won't help him at all.

Anonymous said...

Went the day well,for the Cons, about time too,will tomorrow be the same ,heres hoping.

Anonymous said...

Not only was it a cynical stunt but according to Newsnight 270 are already home, 230 on their way or know they are going and 500 are in Germany not Iraq and will not now be deployed. I thought it was only the finances he double and treble counted. Looked good, like this until you looked at the small print.

Anonymous said...

yeah, but nobody looks at the small print.
The cunt is home free.