Monday, October 01, 2007

Madeleine McCann: Police clueless: Official!

Apparently according to this mornings Daily Mail, Portuguese police have come up with the theory that Madeleine McCann did not die of an overdose nor was she murdered by Kate McCann on one of here trips to check on the children but died because she fell down the stairs, presumably because she had not been sedated enough.

The police have said that all they need to work out now is how they disposed of the body.. Really? That surely has been the question all along. Just how do you hide a body under severe police and media scrutiny in a hot country foreign with which you are not familiar, in summer when bodies tend to start smelling fast if not refrigerated?

The short answer is that the Portuguese police have not got a clue, are not looking for one, and their only way out is to blame the parents.


flashgordonnz said...

Perhaps Thomson and Thompson could lend a hand?
Couldn't do any (more) harm...?

Benedict White said...

No, flash it couldn't but then you could say the same of the Keystone cops. This lot are ridiculous.

CFD Ed said...

To top it all it appears that one of the main investigating officers in the case, Chief Inspector Goncalo Amaral, is suspected of having framed a Portuguese woman Leonor Cipriano for the murder of her nine-year-old daughter Joana, after she reported her missing. No trace of Joana’s body has ever been found. There is evidence to suggest Leonor was tortured.

Clearly, in the UK, an officer suspected of such a crimes would have been suspended. It is unthinkable they would be allowed to run such a such a similar investigation, following such a similar 'line of enquiry' to the tainted case.