Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dead Lisbon Treaty Ratified in the Lords

The Lisbon treaty has been ratified in the House of Lords despite the fact that it is dead, after all Ireland voted no.

Fantastic. As David Cameron said at PMQ's, Gordon Brown has less spine than a bunch of jellyfish.

The BBC has this.


Anna G said...

Democracy is officially dead and its murderer is Gordon Brown. It is disgusting that a politician has to lie and sneak around in such a fashion to get his own way, it is a travesty when that politician is our Prime Minister. Not only has Brown and the Labour not fulfilled our democratic right for a referendum, he has now betrayed his people and his country in ratifying such a shambolic treaty. This is the beginning of the end to either British Sovereignty or the Brown government, let us all pray it is the later.

Anonymous said...

Now that David Cameron has acted both properly and decisively, can he move on to that great midden in Brussels and expose that gravytrain!