Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Government lose yet more information shocker!

Well, OK, it is not shock at all is it?

This time the missing information was on a computer stolen from Hazel Blears constituency office in Salford. Thing is though that the information on terrorism and extremists should never have been on that computer in the first place as it should not have left her ministry.

So this ridiculously lax attitude to sensitive data goes right to the top. Fantastic. ID cards anyone?

The BBC has this

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Anonymous said...

If she keeps her job it will be a shocker.

Here in Canada our Foreign Affairs Minister resigned because he left a briefing binder in his girlfriends house.

Now it is a little more complicated than first appears because she had previous ties to biker gangs and an interesting history. The binder he left behind was not full of particular sensitive info (it appears it was a backgrounder for the upcomming NATO meeting)but he got canned anyway.

I always thought it was harder back home to keep a ministerial position after something like this - obviously not.