Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Perfect Economic Storm?

Well, no economic storm is perfect, certainly not for those who suffer from it.

Economic times are looking bleak, though the hysteria of the press does not help. We have a very slow and collapsing housing market, the slowest since records began in 1978, high factory gate inflation and horrific factory input inflation.

In short we are boxed in. The slowdown in the housing market will impact on the construction and retail sectors, causing an economic slowdown, but inflationary pressures are so high that we are far more likely to get interest rate rises than cuts.

The New Statesman has this, The Telegraph this and the Guardian has this.

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Wolfie said...

You will not get truth out of the press, they are the lap-dogs to the bastards who set all this up in the first place. Welcome to the new oligarchy.