Monday, October 23, 2006

BNP and the CRE agree that Labour is pushing Muslims too far!

You just could not make this up.

Trevor Phillips, Head of the Commission for Racial Equality, The BNP, and incidentally many Conservatives think that the current focus on Muslims and in particular the veil are in danger of causing riots.

You can read Trevor's article in the Sunday Times here. The BNP's comment is here, from which I quote:

"It's a dangerous game the Labour establishment has chosen to play, one which could lead to serious disorder and bloodshed. Do Blair and Straw really want to see a civil war on the streets of West Yorkshire, Birmingham and Oldham?"

They also quote
Richard Oborne in the Daily Mail (hardly the Guardian is it?) saying this:

There is a whiff of the lynch mob about the wave of attacks over the past fortnight, and it is no surprise to learn that the new national mood sparked by Jack Straw and sanctioned by Tony Blair has indeed led to a number of assaults on British mosques, including one firebombing."

Does this mean that the BNP have become a responsible and respectable party? No, if you read the article in full and the rest of their website you will think not. It does go to show however just how damn irresponsible and dangerous Labour are becoming.


Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Yes, obviously Government Ministers should allow 2% of the population to hold the rest to ransom and never, ever say anything to criticise them whatsoever just in case they turn violent on us.

Funny how thinskinned this 2% apparently is. Suggesting that they are deliberately setting themselves apart from the rest of us and arent acting in a way conducive to a harmonious society apparently translates into a 'lynch mob'. Me, I'd say a lynch mob is 20 people armed with knives and baseball bats beating the living daylights out two women and smashing up their car, as happened outside the dairy (NOT Mosque) that was allegedly firebombed (despite a round the clock presence of 30 police officers to protect it) after the police refused to even enter it to find those responsible for beating up the two women.

There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever for 'a number of assaults on British mosques'. On the contrary, the British people have shown quite astonishing tolerance and charity to the Muslim population. The only people who are being pushed too far are the other 98%.

Benedict White said...

I do not disagree that something needs to be done, but that something should have started a long time ago, and should be far more subtle than it actualy is at the moment.

Even the BNP agree that the tone is dangerous, and that is just it. It is the tone that is the problem, not the discussion.

Anonymous said...

civil war on the streets of West Yorkshire, Birmingham and Oldham????

"Civil war" in Britain does not include wogs, paki's, coons, nig-nogs etc
They are, and always will be, an un-wanted, hated, non-race and therefore do not qualify as being regarded as part of British society. EVER
Not enough Celtic, Gaelic, Anglo-Saxon DNA in their blood. And no amount of their cr*p chicken-tikka-masala being forced down our throats will change what we, the true brits think of THEM!!!

Benedict White said...

Ah, Anonymous, How is Holland these days?

Now there is a good chap, go take your pills and calm down.

Anonymous said...

You must obviously be that rare breed of conservative who does not like the truth from the public and prefer to live in your ivory tower with rose tinted specs.
Don't take pills old man, but do watch Little Britain and find the UK is still stunted, and lacking the balls to tell it like it is. My country of posting has nothingto do with the topic so why print it? The UK is lumbered with the Blue rinse brigade,..who even after Duncan Smith and now childlike Cameron the chameleon heading a party living in cloud cuckoo land. Land of dopes and glory and all that jazz