Sunday, October 22, 2006

Talking tactics on Iraq

Apparently George Walker Bush, The Pratt of the United States of America is discussing tactics in Iraq with his generals, and his defence secretary and legendary pratt Donald Rumsfeld. You can read the BBC's article here.

The date? The 21st of October 2006.

Should this not have been done in 2002 and 2003? I wrote about the mess in Iraq here, many people (including me) doubted the troop numbers and tactical planning ahead of the invasion as well. Meanwhile people are dying in large numbers, and we are not resourcing Afghanistan properly either.


Ellee said...

Shouldn't his generals devise the tactics? This is never going to be a win situation, there will never be a right time to pull out. So what the heck are we doing there?

Benedict White said...

Well yes and no Ellee. There is always a level of political control in these matters. The main involvement should of course be to provide resource and set boundries. The USA seems to have failed on both counts as the lack of troop numbers to do the job and Abhu Griab have shown.

In any case it now seems to be dawning that there is a problem when in fact it was obvious that there were problems when the looting started. Donald Rumsfeld's attitude indicated that he had no understanding of what that was going to lead to.