Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tom Watson's blog is down again!

When I last mentioned his blog here, it was down. Since then it came up and is now down again, which is a bit of a shame as I posted some comments there about flag burning and things on it and now I can't see if they have been passed or not.

Perhaps Tom needs to move his blog. Tom Watson's blog is here. He is famous for not doing Gordon Browns bidding by sticking a knife unsuccessfully into Tony Blair, as well as having an odious friend in Sion Simon who I discussed here.


tom watson said...

Apologies. We actually moved the blog a couple of weeks ago but even with a shiny new server, we keep getting hit by massive DOS attacks.

I think that your comments were posted though.

Please drop by whenever the server lets you in.


Benedict White said...

Many thanks for the heads up Tom. I did check back and yes my commenst were posted. Many thanks for that.

Whilst our politics are at varience, I have never ever been of the no platform school of thinking and am accordingly concerned about your DOS attacks.

If you require some help please ask. I do networks for a living. Perhaps I can help filter them out.