Saturday, October 28, 2006

Yahoo are Spineless scum!

I understand that Yahoo dobbed in a Chinese emailer to the Chinese police detailing who what why and when an email was sent.

The spineless barstards, collaborators in suppressing free speech suggested that when a law enforcement agency asked for information they did not question why.

I was only following orders guv. Got 6 million Jews, and other assorted people killed did that sort of attitude.

I have been asked to provide information in connection with the 1992 Administration of Social security act, not that the pratt who was asking knew what it was. I said I was more than happy, in fact overjoyed to cooperate provided they provided details of the specific laws under which I should supply such information and the specific dates with which they were concerned. I also required the same in writing. As the matter was allegedly urgent, I suggested that they could fax it over first, so we could do the work, and stick it in the post at the same time, so that we would effectively act on the basis of the hard copy.

Needless to say neither turned up. However I was never prepared to provide information unless it was LAWFULLY required where I was.

Yahoo. Spineless appeasers of a totalitarian state. Microsoft are no better but at least Google whilst on the face of it being the same are shipping tools to get around this heinous shit.

Update 02:30:

I forgot to hat tip the BBC news 24, had their website had an article to link to I would have done so.

Also, the point of my story was to point out that you do not need to mindlessly cooperate with anyone who says you have to.

Update 12:00
Amnesty internationals UK website is here, and its campaign against internet repression is here.

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