Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Control orders are not enough!

Oh no! Allegedly.

A few days ago the BBC interviewed a brother of a man who is on a control order, only to find out that he was on the run. They then rang up the Office for Incompetence to confirm one of the 15 on control orders was on the run to find out that it was not one, but two, the other one having been on the un for months. Brilliant!

You can read the BBC article here.

We apparently have control orders because these people are dangerous. We hold them on secret squirrel evidence that they are not allowed to see, nor are they allowed to know what they are accused of. To give you some confidence of how safe this system is you can read this article here about how a Special Advocate noticed the same evidence had been used in two different cases in contradictory ways.

We have control orders to keep these allegedly dangerous people under control because we can't bring them to trial, oh no! If we did we would have to present this secret squirrel evidence in court (where I suspect some of it would be laughed at) and that just would not do. We could not possibly present wire tap evidence in a British court, that just would not do.

The fact that a Turkish people trafficker was convicted with the aid of such evidence, you can read the BBC's article on it here, should not confuse people because it was gathered by foreign security forces. Is this just not bizarre? We can allow Belgian wire tap evidence in our courts but not our own?

Lets be clear on this. Six of the people on control orders are British born. It could be you. We can't let this affront to British justice continue. If there is evidence that some one is a terrorist it must be presented before a proper court. Otherwise we are on the slow trail to a police state.

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