Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sion Simon, The pratt for Birmingham Erdington

We have all come across some cringe making, stomach turning pratts in our time (Please feel free to replace the word pratt with anything you may feel is more appropriate) but Sion seems to me to take to biscuit.

This utter pratt, disgrace as an MP, and perhaps as a human being first came to note as one of the signatures of that "you should resign now Tony" letter.

He then had this put up on you tube. It is a very unpleasant and unfunny attempted parody of webcameron.

He made matters much worse by attempting to answer his critics in the most juvenile, unpleasant, stupid and disgraceful ways on sky here.

He seemed to have thought that he was making a serious political point, in a satirical way. Not so, there was no satire there, it was as sick as the joke about the difference between babies and marbles. Not funny at all.

His political point seemed to be that his mate Tom Watson (co signatory of above mention letter) was a "real blogger, and video blogger" (please note Tom's blog appears to be down) and David Cameron was only exploiting the medium with out caring about it.

That just smacks of the most utter sour grapes. David Cameron is not allowed to blog because Tom Watson did it first? These people are gibbering fools. I have been blogging since June, so what? David Cameron's blog is popular because of who he is, leader of the opposition. People are interested in what he thinks and says, and may well prefer to here it from David himself rather than just though the media. People are also interested in Tom Watson's blog, but not as much as he is now just a fat labour back bencher.

On the other hand, Tom Watson did do a video blog piece here, which parodied David Cameron's cleaning up politics video recently in which he made some interesting points.

He talked about party funding, and the need to clean it up. He raised the issue of the Midlands Industrial Council. Well, the donations it makes are legal, and further more it is an arms length organisation and the Conservative party have no right to know its members or reveal them. As for the "dodgy" loans, well they were before Cameron's time, so he is not in a position to reveal them.

Tom then goes on to mention a number of measure to clean up party funding all of which can be found in a previous post on my blog from the 14th of July 2006. Needless to say as he seems to be parroting my views I could hardly disagree, though a hat tip would have been nice.

Hat tips to Iain Dale and Guido Fawks for all the links. I first saw a link to that horrific you tube piece by Sion "I am a complete Pratt" Simon on


Ellee said...

And now Sion and Tom have had to eat humble pie. It was actualy a useful exercise because it demonstrates what will not be tolerated in the run up to the next election, though I'm sure there will be a few more dirty tricks from an increasingly desperate Labour party.

Benedict White said...

I actualy think that they have done far more damaged to themselves and their party than they have to anyone else. In taht sense, I would be happy for them to carry on.

I personaly can't stand the vacuos hate they seem to exude though. Sion does not appear to be a nice chap.

As for dirty tricks next time around they will try anything, quite a lot of which will bounce back on them.