Monday, October 23, 2006

Wow Spooks was good tonight.

However expect howls of protests from those who claim that Mossad would never do such a thing.

Be assured they would.

The Spooks website is over here if you are interested.

I like play writes/screen play writers when they make points that make you think as well as entertain. Its also one of the reasons why I like Dr. Who.


Courtney Hamilton said...

I'm a big fan of Channel 5's 'The Shield'. Without doubt the best cop show since the days of 'Hill Street Blues'.

Benedict White said...

I haven't seen it but will try and have a look.

You a hill Street Blues fan as well?

Whats your funniest moment?

Ellee said...

I often think I would like to have been a spy. I had my astrology chart drawn up once which said that my midheaven was in Scorpio, which means I was destined for a role in espionage. Do you think there is any similarity between that and my present job as a Tory press officer?

Benedict White said...

Ellee, Is there any similarity between a press ffoicer and a spy? Probably. :)