Sunday, December 17, 2006

Cash for Peerages, Another Sunday morning update.

Well, I posted an article on Saturday about the cash for Peerages Saga. It seems it is on the front of Sundays Telegraph, Times and Independent. That won't make for happy reading in Labour circles.

Broadly the thrust of the stories I have seen is that Lord Levy's friends are still saying he won't be a fall guy, this time with knobs on. Blair is failing to endorse Levy in public or private (how do they know about all the private bits?) All in the Telegraph here. The peerage nominations in question were for public service according to the nomination papers from the Independent here. Of course some senior aids to be questioned again from the Sunday Times here.

The most interesting one is the Independent on Sunday revisiting the nomination papers because it indicates that Tony Blair *cough* told the Police something which later turned out to be incorrect.

The line that they were nominated for "party service" looks holed well below the water line, unless service means giving cash. Yates of the yard will be sending someone round for another chat with our Tony. Mark my words.

Update 10:46

Forgot to mention this article in the Observer. Sources say that Gordon was involved in attempts to honour Ronnie Cohen and Wilf Stevenson.

Labour is leaking against itself. Expect fireworks over Christmas as journalists look to fill their pages and people who are bitter about yesterdays leaks provide tomorrows.
(hat tip to Mike Smithson of for the link to the Observer article)


billy said...

Teflon Tony? The turd is dumping his mates to try to appear clean.
What of his legacy now?

billy said...

Just worked out his legacy: Ethical Foreign Policy. He has still got that, hasn't he?

Benedict White said...

Yes Billy, he is dumping his "mates" however I suspect some might end up returning the favour.

As for an "ethical foriegn policy" you mean like not getting involved in shady deals etc?

Out of interestI did ask waht was it you thought the Conservative party had to do to regain your vote. I would be very interested to hear.