Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cash for Peerages, Tony Blair questioned

So much for pure than pure!

Had some one said that Tony Blair would be questioned as part of a police inquiry in to a criminal investigation of corruption a year ago, surely people would have laughed!

They are not laughing now, though they seem to be trying to spin this as some sort of result. Further more Chanel 4 reports that maybe as many 6 people will be charged. Expect them to sing like canaries at trial, hence Yates of the Yard making sure no one has any last minute recollections at trial (as happened in the Burrell Trial, see here)

Let us just be clear, no sitting Prime minister has ever been questioned by the Police before!

Guido seems to have got hold of No 10's media grid for the day, here and it seems they were hoping to have such a busy news day that no one would notice things like the 2500 Post Office closures, the cancelling of the Serious Farce Fraud Office investigation into BAE and corruption as well. It appears not to have worked. And it appears they wanted to bury bad news under the Diana inquiry. Hmm...

What seems worse for labour is that the Sun has for two weeks been very negative on Gordon Brown. I am no fan of the Murdoch press, but this is an interesting development.

The BBC has this here. I also recommend reading Guido above and here and Iain Dale here and here.


Ellee said...

It's quite incredible that a government faces such disbelief from its people, a true lack of confidence and respect.

Anonymous said...

its quite outrageous that peerages are given for cash,..when under the Tories NOT ONE single peerage was ever earned that way. the are pure beyond belief
Much better to receive flash cars, champagne, free holidays in the caribbian,.school tuition paid for..palms being greased at Oxford Harrow, Cambridge etc

CityUnslicker said...

Still interested to see where this ends. Not sure that Blair will get anything to stick on him. More likely one of his lackeys will take the rap.

Write the screenplay now for c4 and make some money!

Benedict White said...

Ellee, it is incredible. It is begining to make the Major years look clean.

(especially if you read Private Eye.

Anonymous, thanks for the comments.

City Unslicker, the issue that Tony has is that if his minions take the rap one of them is going to sing, hence my later post, when will the canaries sing?

On the writing the script, no there is an idea! Could make it filled with fictional charictors to avoid accusations of libel as well!