Sunday, December 31, 2006

Saddam Hussein and Gerald Ford still dead

I have not said anything much about Gerald Ford, who died at 93. Seemed like a good bloke and seemed to do a good job. I was only 8 at the time he lost the election in 1976 though so I won't go on and on. Good job well done, Gerald, you had a good innings, we wish you well and may you rest in peace.

Whilst I don't agree with capital punishment, but I give no eulogy for Saddam.

What bugs me though is the 24 hour news coverage which seems to ignore all other news.

Really chaps, we get the message, there dead, and barring a miracle they will stay that way. Any chance of any news?


Ellee said...

Yes, it's a good time to bury bad news. Regarding Ford, when someone dies, they instantly become heroes.

On that sombre note, have a very happy New Year, many thanks for your comments and support.

Benedict White said...

Ellee, Yes they do. Saddam seems to have picked up some here status as well unfortunately. Ah well.

Mnay thanks and have a happy new year!