Thursday, December 21, 2006

Labour isn't Working!

According to figures from this article in the Times today.

Youth unemployment is higher than in 1997, as are inflation and interest rates.


It looks like Ken Clarke's legacy is being wasted.

Mark Senior will no doubt be along to tell us how Gordon Brown has done any minute now.

That said consumer debt on credit cards seems to be dropping which is a good thing, as long as it does not happen to fast leading to an economic slow down.


Mark Senior said...

Benedict , you do yourself and the party you support no good whatsover by selectively quoting statistics to try and show the Conservatives were a superb government undeservedly defeated in 1997 and replaced by Nulab for whom GB has ruined the economy of the country in the last 9 years - the voters know different . They have continued to reject the Conservatives who ran from 1992-97 the most corrupt government this country has ever had and reelected Nulab twice . Nulab have had problems but the running of the economy as a whole is not one of them and if as is still more likely than not they are reelected again or perhaps more likely are the largest party it will be because GB has managed the economy well .

Benedict White said...

Mark, That didn't take long!

I did not say whether or not John Majors government was unfairly kicked out of office.

I also take great issue with the idea that the 1992 to 1997 goverment was the most corrupt. It wasn't. We have at Lloyd George and indeed this government competing very heavily for that acolade.

Lastly, what sort of economic indicator are you going to take as showing there are problems in the economy?

Mark Senior said...

Benedict , there are ALWAYS problems looming in the economy , the trick is to forsee them coming and taking the correct action early enough which GB has done pretty well in the 9 years he has been C of E . Conservatives have been saying doom and disaster are just round the corner since 1997 and it aint happened yet . We shall have to disagree about the corruptness of the last Conservative government . It certainly exceeded that of Lloyd George and still exceeds that of the present government who may be lining their partie's pockets but at least not their own .

Benedict White said...

mark, the issue is govenrment is borrowing at a huge and increasing rate despite many years of solid growth, built on increased public spending and private debt. It simply can't go on, and when it stops someone is going to have to pay the money back.

On the corruption issue, perhaps you would care to name some cases of corruption?

Mark Senior said...

Benedict , I do not accept your premiss that we have too much public spending , but if you think we do then tell us which hospitals and schools you are going to close or what help to the poor , disabled and old you are going to cut as a Conservative I am sure you will ensure your wealthy supporters will get an increased slice of the cake however high public spending is . Private debt is s separate problem which is not the fault of the government and I have yet to see any proposal from your party to help those in debt .
Corruption in the last Conservative government has been discussed several times on and there is little point in discussing it further on here . What stage of denial have you reached on this . Have you moved from " there was corruption but we have changed" now to " well it was only a small amount and a few individuals " or are you at the " corruption what corruption stage " ?

Anonymous said...

Typical Labour response, quote that any tory decrease in taxation would be a reduction in schools or hospitals??
Well Mark, I can tell you now that hospitals are being closed here now, in the past 3 years and more planned for the next 1-2 years.
There are huge savings to be made in cutting quangos etc.
How many billions of pounds could be saved by not pusuing an illegal war. Just face the facts this labour goverment IS the most corrupt in over 50 years and is the most inept in over 50 years.

billy said...

The only legacy that T Blair can look forward to is the knowledge that he has lead the most sleazy and incompetent bunch of fools to be in power in the 40 years that I have been voting. In God's name even the Wilson/Callaghan years were more honest than this lot.

Mark Senior said...

Anonymouse - as Benedict would tell you I am not a Labour supporter but neither am I a Conservative who is incapable of realising that not everything GB has done is bad . I am rather like the majority of voters who think that he has handled the economy pretty competently . The government's record on corruption is not good but at least they have not been lining their own personal pockets as too many did in the Major years .

Benedict White said...

Mark, the relative perception of corruption in the Major and Blair years is moving away from you.

This may have been done to death on PB, but not whilst I have been watching, so i would appreaciate some examples of "people lining their own pockets".

Yes you are not labour, you are Lib Dem, as I understand it.

I still ask what sort of economic indicator you would take as the sign of a problem?

Mark Senior said...

Of course the relative perception of what happened in the Major years is moving away from me . Time dims memories and a growing number of voters are too young to remember what happened .
Re economic indicators , I did not say there were no problems but that not all is doom and gloom and it is how you manage the ever present problems that matters . One indicator that you neglected to mention is that economic growth in GDP in Q3 has just been revised upwards to a strong 2.9% but then that is good news and you wont mention that Why is it that Conservatives wish only ill on the economy and economic welfare of the people of this country . Are you really so desperate for power ?

Benedict White said...

Mark, as one Vince Cable says, he sets the estimate and marks the paper. I appreaciate you may not have much time for Vince, but if economic growth is so good, where are the tax receipts?


I also note that you have not mentioned one actual bit of Conervative corruption. List some.

Mark Senior said...

Benedict , I have plenty of time for Vince he is a talented man which is why your party were desperate in trying to get him to defect to you earlier this year. The whole point I am trying to make to you is that all is not doom and gloom and the economy is pretty sound especially compared to the record of all governments from the mid 60's onwards .
Jost type into google uk search conservative corruption major government - the 264,000 references would give you enough articles for this blog for the next 100 years .

billy said...

Mark Senior said...
Jost type into google uk search conservative corruption major government - the 264,000 references would give you enough articles for this blog for the next 100 years .

8:04 PM, December 22, 2006

I've just tried this and most of the hits are about anything other than John Major's government. Of those that are the over riding theme is cash in brown envelopes. With the best will in the world coupled with a strong desire to wish the Hamiltons ill favour I still have trouble believing this. The complainant is a man who admits lying to gain control of his shop and his evidence is his secretary. Even if it is true, just what is the other corruption? David Mellor and Edwina Currie sleeping around? Not something that John Prescott or David Blunkett would do of course.
Nu labour have run the country for nine years and what has improved? My house is apparently worth £190,000 rather than the £9,000 it cost originally but I can't afford to move, two of my children have degrees coupled with massive debts, the pension pot has been raided by GB and is no longer big enough, we are over run with immigrants and I'm told that there are as many Poles here claiming benefits as are plumbing, we fight in two wars (one illegally) with an Army overstretched and ill equipped and that has to include Territorials to be able to function at all.
The current government are labour without any sense of social justice, they have power and have never exercised any principle whatsoever.
The only thing that you can be sure of with a labour government is that it will end in tears. It always does.

Benedict White said...

Thanks for the post Billy.

So what of it Mark, what other bits of corruption would you like to be considered apart from the Hamiltons?

What of Billy's house which is in practicle terms no more valuable to him as it was 20 years ago, but he can't afford to move.

Mark Senior said...

Amongst others there were :-
Aitken jailed for perjury and Saudi Arms Deals
Archer jai;ed for perjury
Riddick Tredinnick Hamilton and Smith and others - Cash for questions
Willetts having to resign as Paymaster General after trying to whitewash the Parliamentary Enquiry into Cash for Questions
Ancram and suitcases of cash from the Far East
Mates and Asil Nadir
Sex scandals - Mellor Norris Yeo Spring and Major himself
Billy would obvously prefer a return to Conservative rule and the negative equity they caused many people to suffer . How does he think the Conservatives will help him move house if they ensure it drops in value to £ 120,000 . The Conservatives are also in favour of tuition fees and massive student debts so no change there . The raid on pensions started under Thatcher when she stopped them rising in line with earnings . I will ignore the BNP message at the end Michael Howard tried that at the last GE and failed .