Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nightmare for Cam the cuddly! Allegedly.

There was rather silly and indeed stupid article in to days News of the world today. Shows that it is nothing like a news paper any way. Please note the article has no permanent link so will break after a week.

The articles talks of the woes of the Conservative party under David Cameron blah blah blah.

Rather amusingly the on line edition invites us to review the survey yourself, and then links to this ICM poll which was carried out in February (is that news now or are they just useless?)

What the article is trying its best to avoid leading on is that the Conservatives lead 39% to 30% over Labour which according to Martin Baxter's electoral calculus gives a predicted overall majority to the Conservatives of 18. If that's a nightmare I say bring it on. (The Liberal Democrats got 20%)

Needless to say the poll watchers and pundits over at haven't taken any notice of the News of the World but a lot of notice of the poll which is taken as good news for the Conservatives.


john said...

Benedict,OT but with reference to your new layout which is excellent,you are missing one key label 'Government Waste'e.g NHS software,Tax Credits,GP's overpayment this year of £ 300 million etc It would be interesting to see how many billions this amounted to and would enable a 'running score' to be maintained.

Benedict White said...

Many thanks for the suggeston John. I will have to have a think about that.