Saturday, December 02, 2006

Some Journalists are just plain stupid!

I have just had the misfortune of reading this article by Amanda Platell in today's Daily Fascist Mail.

She opines that Gordon Brown should not be PM because of his son Fraser's cystic fibrosis. She thinks it will be hard work and his family will need him more.

She thinks it is OK for David Cameron to be Leader of the opposition and Gordon Brown to be Chancellor, but not for Gordon to be PM. Hmm.. So presumably the same argument applies to David Cameron being PM?

No wonder she was so pants when working for William Hague.


billy said...

I don't think GB should be PM and if this ploy works then it is good enough for me :0)

Benedict White said...

I hear what your saying Billy, but it has wider implications.

Besides which a lot of the Conservatives I know want to take Brown on because we see him as an easy targt.

billy said...

Is it arrogant of me to believe that unless DC convinces the likes of me, an ex Conservative Party member to change my vote, you will not win Brown or not?

Benedict White said...

Billy, if you mean like you probably not.

That said, apart from nip back in a time machine and gain an underpriviliged backround, what else would you like him to do to convince you?