Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another week, another rebellion?

This weeks rebellion on the Labour benches is over car tax, specifically the way in which tax increases for higher emitting vehicles will now be backdated to 2001.

According to this article in the Telegraph the change affects 18 million drivers, whilst the Daily Mail has this.

This seems to be causing some angst on the Labour benches, and not because a green tax is being raised, but because it is being done retrospectively.

There are a number of issues with the tax as proposed of course, like how it seems to hit quite a lot of what people think of as "family cars" and also the fact that it is more likely that a 7 year old family car is likely to be owned by someone on lower income than a new one.

I would pose the question "what will next weeks revolt be about?" but we still have the 42 days thing coming up.

Has a Prime minister ever looked so weak and inept?

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