Saturday, May 03, 2008

Is it just me, or has the BBC been a pile of excrement?

Well is it just me?

From the ridiculous Stalin to Mr Bean stuff, the cold winter bit or the wild west show over the Liberal Democrat vote that Jeremy Vine did last night to the lack of rolling results as they came in for the London mayoral elections the BBC has been a large pile of fetid urine soaked manure of the most odious kind.

One person who texted me insisted that it was because they are all lefties. I say no, it is because they are all a complete bunch of merchant bankers. It has nothing to do with political bias, it has all to do with the sort of bankers in the news departments of the BBC.

In order to get up to date results I decamped to my local pub and watched it on Sky news. There was no sound, but then there was no Jeremy Vine making a spectacle of himself. What there was in the bottom right hand corner of the screen was up to date results which were missing from the BBC.

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Louis said...

The problem with the BBC is it is mathematically illiterate, and has no idea how to present elections anymore. Instead, they waste time on gimmicks aimed at getting 'Middle Britain' engaged in politics. They could not care less, and thanks to their coverage, now neither do I.