Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama the Messiah

Well, perhaps that is over egging it a bit but according to this post Barack Obama is pulling in massive crowds lined up on every available vantage point to hear the man speak.

He is a truly inspirational speaker, and more importantly, whilst of African decent is not a traditional "victim" black politician. He will have the ability to lead.

I still want Senator John McCain to win, and think he may well do so, but one thing is sure, Barack Obama will one day be President of the United states of America.

When Obama wins the Democratic nomination, he will be involved in a presidential race like no other for decades which will reinvigorate American politics and will raise turnout. All very good for Democracy.


CityUnslicker said...

he is a dangerously ideologically confused person though; he reminds me of tony blair.

Benedict White said...

City unslicker, I agree. McCain is who I would like to win this time and with a bit of luck Obama will have worked his issues out.