Sunday, May 04, 2008

Captain of the Titanic reassures crew

Gordon Brown, the captain of the Titanic has given several interviews today in which he sought to reassure his crew that despite hitting that massive iceberg on Thursday that he could steer the Labour party safely to another election victory. Others were a bit more sceptical.

Meanwhile Matt in the Telegraph a few days ago has this cartoon which really says it all.


Baht At said...

I don't know - I reckon two years of Boris screwing up London should be enough to ensure a labour victory.

Especially since Boris and the Tories will now get the blame for everything that goes wrong on the Olympics.

Anonymous said...

Look like the Brown Matrix is heading down the pan then!

Benedict White said...

Baht At, If you are relying on Boris making a mess of London as some sort of strategy then you will be disappointed. He is a highly intelligent man. It is certainly true that he will say some daft things, but as with Ken before him, people will say, "well, thats just Boris being Boris". It won't affect his vote.

It is also certainly true that some in the left wing commentariat will blow gaskets over some of his policies, but then they like Gordon Brown's Labour are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

Yes Curly I think your post sums up what Brown has been saying recently and how well it is coming over.

Anonymous said...

This government has a minister whose only job is to manage the Olympics - if anything goes wrong then she carries the can.

The mayor of London has no involvement.. its his job to resist calls to further fleece the council tax payers of London