Thursday, October 04, 2007

David Cameron's speech gets good headlines!

Well, there you have it. Gordon Brown reads out a rehash of speeches primarily from unsuccessful Democrat Presidential candidates by Bob Shrum, which goes down OK, but is later slamed for plagiarism, whereas David Cameron goes unscripted and gets great headlines.

I did not watch the speech, opinions vary, but I think it may have been a tad long, and did not move the world, but Gordon Brown is a naff speech maker, so Cameron looked good by comparison.

The important thing however is this, the media reception. The sound bites looked good on TV, and the papers in the morning look good as well.

The Times has this, The Telegraph has this, The Daily Mail this, the Guardian this and the Independent this.


Anonymous said...

This yours Benedict? Found it in my dustbin - needs recycling, - but into what?

Lord Higham-Johnson said...

OK - speeches out of the way, now need to get down to the substance.

Tracey M said...

Anonymong 9:43

You are a twisted sick man, get help for your own good.

Anonymous said...

tracey m

Anonymous said...
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Timothy (likes zebras) said...

"unscripted" ???

For real?

I heard that he'd given a dress rehearsal about a week beforehand, to an empty hall. Sounds very scripted to me, just memorised to impress.