Wednesday, October 17, 2007

England lose 2-1 to Russia.

Giving away a 1 nil lead thanks to a careless move from Rooney.

Right. I am going to sulk now.

We need to beat Croatia now.


Anonymous said...

and we need russia not to win both of their last 2 games

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, Oh dear. That really cheers me up! (Not)

Anonymous said...

Fiddling while Rome burns

Is not the answer

Understanding the future is part of the answer

What YOU do is the other part.

flashgordonnz said...

Stick to rugby: you seem to know how to play it again these days.

Benedict White said...

flashgordonnz, LOL!

Well, here is hoping that we win on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Seeing as we're now relying on Israel holding Russia, I think we are bit screwed.