Saturday, October 06, 2007

YouGov Poll shows Conservative lead of 3%

A YouGov poll in another paper tomorrow (The Sunday Times I believe) shows the Conservatives in the lead having destroyed Gordon Brown's bounce. Politicalbetting has the numbers here.

The figures are
Conservatives 41% (+5 on last poll +9 on a week ago)
Labour 38% (-2 on last poll -5 on a week ago)
Liberal Democrats 11% (-2 on last poll -4 on a week ago)

Now that is some volatility. From an 11 point deficit last week to a 3 point lead this week.

On Anthony Wells calculator that would give Conservatives 294 seats, Labour on 316 and the Liberal Democrats on 13.


Tony said...

It would be interesting to see if the Conservatives work to strengthen their ties with the Unionist parties in NI and develop some with the SNP.

Anonymous said...

The Conservatives now need to keep at him not giving him time to recover,destroying the myth of his economic competence would be a good start so come on osbourne get stuck in.