Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gordon Brown's Own Goal!

I was interested to hear Gordon Brown highlighting the fact that there was a petition demanding an election in 2007 during prime ministers questions.

He taunted David Cameron who did not know it was there that it only had 26 signatures, and none of the shadow front bench.

Well, now it has a few more, 4,564, thanks to Gordon's publicity drive.

You can sign the petition here.


Anonymous said...

master of irrelevancies and powderpuff politics, avoiding the issues with asinine comment.
as if any really mattered, shafting everywhere, actions at odds with word.
lies, lies, lies.

andrew said...

Thanks for the link.

The funny thing is - I tried to find a petition about 3 days before GB's boast. But I gave up because there seemed to be a number on the go and I couldn't pick "the one" to go for.

Signed it now, though!

Benedict White said...

Andrew, have you got links for the others as well?

BTW, if you have a blog, link to it there as well.

roadrunner said...

I hope Mr Cameron has the decency to thank Mr Brown for pointing out this site and gives him the latest figures at the next P.M.Q.s as its the best thing Mr Browns done lately.