Monday, October 01, 2007

The Government is listening!

Apparently to your every phone call.

Yesterday's Mail on Sunday carried the story that the government has passed legislation that requires telephone companies and Internet service providers to keep records of when and where telephone conversations and emails were sent. This will include tracking data on where mobile phones are.

This information is to be made available to all and sundry in government from NHS trusts to local councils.

There will apparently be safeguards. These wont actually work, because the current ones certainly don't. As I highlighted in this article there is current concern over the way state databases are used to locate errant family members in to commit so called "honour killings". The same information can and is used by criminal gangs.

So to the asinine statement "If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear" there are two responses. The first is that what ever the state monitoring that is brought in, the fear is what a different state would do with it, and then there is the query over what other people will use it for?

This can and does happen. Now. This is not some theoretical risk.


Anonymous said...

Being a very boring person as I am it's nice to know somebody is listening,just think how may phones in this little country of 60 million,how many people would you need to listen in on so many calls in realtime,it's nice to see the goverment helping more people into work.
PS The Cons are doing ok at Blackpool at the moment but keep Cameron away from hugging a hoody and f---in green issues,I hate greens,to eat or listen to.

Lord Higham-Johnson said...

More of the same, Benedict. This leads the Focus on Wednesday.