Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gordon Brown: A Calculating, Phoney, Weak, Arrogant, Indecisive Bully!

And that is from a staunch Labour supporter who says:
The events this week are I am afraid typical of what is to come with Brown. He did bottle it, he did dither, he did try and spoil the Tory conference using the troops in Iraq, he has lied, repeatedly, he is opportunistic, calculating, a phoney, weak, arrogant, indecisive, and a bully- poor Alistair Darling must have despaired when he was forced into such obvious, panic stricken, calculating, back of a fag packet, and opportunistic budget changes.

What happened this week would have happened at some point because Brown quite simply is too calculating, scheming, bullying manipulative to think straight- at least Labour now is beginning to wake up to this fact. They had been warned mind.

What to do? Well these appalling Brown character traits (or lack of character) will not go away. The Labour cabinet is now full of pygmies thanks to Blair and Brown- no succession planning. Brown of course will not walk, and Labour has no plan B. So you can forget them for now. I guess the Tories will enjoy the next 2.5 years seeing Labour scrabbling around under such ineffectual, incompetent leadership.

See here.

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