Sunday, October 14, 2007

Let slip the Dogs of War: Labour infighting begins!

Well, to be fair there are always disagreements in political parties, it happens. Also, yesterdays men (or women) are often more respected by journalists looking to sell a news paper than by anyone else.

However the result of Gordon Brown's attacks, disloyalty and general nastiness towards Tony Blair may be coming home to roost. I took the view before Gordon organised his Stalinist coronation that the only thing worse than Gordon Brown becoming Labour leader would be him not becoming Labour leader. My thinking was that his troops, and indeed he, would make make Ted Heath look like an ardent loyalist.If he did get in, then not only would he be a disaster, but it would not take long for him to be resented and derided by his own side.

We are not entirely there yet, but people who six months ago were not the usual suspects (because they are not Brownites) but will be soon known as the usual suspects have started piping up and briefing the media. So far three have been named in the media, Stephen Byers, Alan Milburn and Charles Clarke. Obviously the press reports indicate that they are only speaking out because of wider mutterings (my arse! we will see) and we will have to see how it progresses. What I can say is that if this takes hold, then Gordon is in for a much tough time in the future than he has had in the past.

The Times has this
, the Observer this whilst the Mail on Sunday has this.


Elliott said...

An interesting development. You have to admire the sheer, calculating malice of the timing.

With Labour already divided on the question of a referendum over the Lisbon treaty too, I'm beginning to think Brown now risks turning it into his Maastricht moment.

Benedict White said...

Elliot, To some extent you do! The good thing is that perhaps it will impress on our own ranks the need to be circumspect.

Brown does have a tough time ahead. There is no doubt about that. We do not yet however know if last week was the tipping point. We should know in 6 months time.

Marquee Mark said...

Benedict, I can't see it needing anything like six months. Brown has got maybe six weeks to arrest the decline and impose his authority on his party - or he is doomed.

I expect the Tory leads to get well into double figures. That is probably the best help that Brown can have to wheel his party round, but the Labour Party has to show it isn't just about occupying the crease to prevent the Tories getting in.

Anonymous said...

I still don't think anyone will step too far out of line because the Labour Party are well aware of the power of unity. Everyone knows Brown won't survive an election defeat so perhaps now is the time for quiet ambition rather than vocal discontent.