Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Gordon Brown breaks promise to Parliament

I note that Gordon Brown promised to make all important announcements to Parliament.

He has broken that promise by announcing a troop withdrawal from Basra to the press whilst Parliament was not sitting.

Gordon Brown = broken promises.

The BBC has this.


Anonymous said...

EU Marxists Control Conservative Party.

Please read this entire article. Among other things it reveals that it was actually the Conservative Party who originally set up the Marxist think tank "Common Purpose".

You may remember the Conservative leadership voted for every one of the five EU treaties, which abolish not just our sovereignty but Britain as a nation. This is entirely contrary to the wishes of their membership, who they clearly no longer
represent.Underneath the false denials (such as Cameron’s lie about withdrawing from the EPP in Brussels), they are deeply wedded to implementing the European Union and its policies.

Over decades European assets posing as Conservatives have taken control of the leadership of the Conservative Party. Ken Clarke, Douglas Hurd, Michael Heseltine, Geoffrey Howe, Chris Patten, Francis Maude, David Cameron to name a few.

The Conservative Party set up the EU’s Common Purpose in 1970, the organisation that grew out of the Marxist Demos and Tavistock Institute, and which has already trained 24,000 local government leaders for what they chillingly call the “EU’s post democratic era.” These are the people who will run the unelected regional government when our 48 counties are abolished by the European Regionalisation plan. And the 9 EU Regions created will not report to Westminster, which will no longer function, but to Brussels.

Francis Maude’s office admits he is very close to Julia Middleton, the CEO of Common Purpose, and also a trustee of Demos, Common Purpose being a chief engine of EU subversion inside Britain.

Report by David Noakes

The Conservative leadership are sabotaging and abolishing Britain because of their deeply held Marxist political convictions. And they believe they will end up as the party bosses in the new EU order. A quick look at Soviet and French history shows they won’t: when democracy is withdrawn, as the EU clearly plans in its constitution, laws and 111,000 regulations, it is always the most ruthless dictators that eliminate the likes of Ken Clarke, to seize power themselves.


It happened in France after 1797 and again in Moscow after 1917, leading to the creation of the Soviet State. Cameron is not called “Commie Ron” for nothing; he openly admires Tony Blair, chief implementer of the as yet unenforced legislation that is building the EU police state in Britain. You notice in meetings how Cameron looks to Francis Maude, British signatory to the EU’s Maastricht Treaty in 1992, for direction, and appears to take orders from him. In typical communist style it seems Francis Maude is the real leader of the Conservative party - the Number two generally wields the real power in Soviet circles.

Maude is also Chairman ofCchange, an organisation implementing part of the Frankfurt School’s subversion agenda, summarised as “change for changes sake with no replacement.”

People think Cameron is changing the Conservative party. To change, you have to destroy the old and bring in the new. If there is nothing new of any substance to change to, you have only destroyed, and the subversion has worked. It seems clear that Francis Maude, not Cameron, is behind the deliberate and carefully planned destruction of the Conservative Party; the aim is first to paralyse it, so the EU can abolish Britain without challenge.

For the months we have been observing it, Francis Maude’s official website has had links through his own Cchange site to homosexual pornography, and much more too bizarre to list here. His official website clearly states that “Francis Maude MP is responsible for the site”.

Sexual practices

This is no surprise. The ruling EU Marxist cliques in the Labour, Lib-Dem and Conservative parties are heavily into sexual practices which most of us would not regard as normal, with a significant amount of paedophilia amongst them, both nationally and locally. Witness the sealing of the Cullen Report (scroll down the page and you will find references suggesting that the report had a 100 year closure slapped on it to cover up paedophile activities by politicians, BFB) for 100 years by Tony Blair and Jack Straw - a report which covered paedophilia amongst politicians.

Maude also was a signatory to the Maastricht Treaty to abolish our nation - he could still be prosecuted until the EU Constitution takes over. Francis Maude is a senior asset of the EU dictatorship in Britain. Your job is to expose him, and get him deselected in his Horsham constituency.
You want to look here

Along with Common Purpose I suggest it is worth keeping a close eye on Cchange ('Sea Change' = a complete change over of power from Westminster to Brussels, I suspect) as well as Francis Maude.

Anonymous said...

Somehow the link in the text fails, - here is the link again. Everthing is explained in this link, - should be studied because of the implications!