Sunday, January 27, 2008

Alan Johnson denies wrong doing

Alan Johnson has got himself into a spot of bother over "illegal" donations.

Apparently he received a donation of £3,334 form a Labour party member, registered to vote in this country. He accepted same. It now turns out that the donation did not come from one Waseem Siddiqui, but his brother Ahmed Yar Mohammed who is treasurer of the Croydon Labour party.

Clearly this is wrong. Donations should not be made in this way. We all know this is exactly the same thing that happened over the David Abrahams affair.

But.. What is a campaign team supposed to do? They checked that Waseem was entitled to donate, even that he was a member of the Labour party. What more are they supposed to do? This does not appear to be like the Abrahams situation in that no one is claiming (yet) that someone in Alan Johnson's campaign knew the actual source of the money. So I can't see anything wrong with what Alan Johnson has done.

On the other hand Ahmed Yar Mohammed has clearly set out to avoid and breach the law, so should be expelled from the Labour party, and investigated.

The BBC has this.

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